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To Build and to Plant
Background History

The Joyhouse Private School situated in Maphaya Area, Jozini is one of the newest school in the area with a staff complement of twenty-one and its caters for more than 300 pupils raging from Grade R to Grade 7.

The school was founded by Mrs J F Nyawo in 2014 and it operates as an independent School and is Christian Based. The school is registered with the provincial educational department but receive no subsidy from the state. All costs including staff salaries are covered by school fees. The school is the member of the independent School Associated of South Africa.

Day to day operations are conducted by an Executive Principal, HOD’s and excellent academic and sport staff who are registered with the South African Council for Education. Educators, parents and learners are encouraged to work together to achieve the best results possible. We pride ourselves on providing a quality independent school education and learners are encouraged to partake in sport, a wide range of cultural activities which include drama, Debating, Latin Dance Ballet, Traditional Dance, Indian Dance, Umboloho, Spiritual Dance, Choir, Soccer, Netball, Cricket, Boxing. Rugby, Athletics and Chess.

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Mrs J F Nyawo

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Mission Statement

The staff of Joy House Private School is committed themselves to the holistic education of each individual child, striving to prepare each one for a meaningful contribution to self and to community.

We Are committed:-
* Appoint teachers who are qualified, will and experienced and flexible to provide  quality education.
* Developing an academic programme which stimulates the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of the children and encourage them to strive for excellence and to reach their full potential.
* A methodology incorporating positive attitudes and values guiding the children’s to develop moral integrity respect and appreciation for God’s creation.
* Providing an environment which initiates, creativity and self-discipline.

Core Value Statement

Let it be known to all who enter into our school premises that our staff members are dedicated to service and performance beyond the call of duty. We inspire excellence in God’s children by educating the whole person as articulated ad demonstrated by our own Core Values.

We are Joy House!
We are Children of God.
We are Scholars
We are Leaders.
We are a community.
We Are Artist.
We Are Athletics.

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Other Values

1. Honestly Displaying Honesty in service as well as intolerance to fraud, corruption, nepotism and maladministration.
2. Caring Discharging our duties with kindness and generosity and being mindful of the circumstances of other people, their needs and special requirements.
3.Empathy Sharing one another’s emotions and feelings.
4.Professionalism Demonstrating the highest standard and exceptional conduct of professionalism.
5.Integrity Ensuring consistency of actions and conducts with the highest ethical and moral conduct.
6.Fairness Treating all learners and parents in manner that is fair and just.
7.Excellence Maintaining high standard of performance and professionalism by aiming for excellence in everything we do.
8.Teamwork Establishing and maintaining shared vision, goals, mission and working together towards improving service rendering.

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